Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LFTR PLLR vs. The End Of book available Friday!

Treehouse will be the first place in town (hell, possibly the first place anywhere!) to be selling the new Lifter Puller book LFTR PLLR vs. The End Of. It will be for sale when we open on Black Friday, November 27 at 11 AM.

The book was put together by the band, with layout by designer extraordinaire and Evening Rig frontman Jason Miller and interviews conducted by Jessica Hopper. It's a 97 page softcover full-color book featuring tons of rare photos, artwork/flyers/posters, complete lyrics, and an oral history of the band as told by people who were there (engineer Dave Gardner, Twin Cities rock ambassador Lori Barbero, Dillinger Four's Paddy Costello, Trenchmouth's Damon Locks, Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav and Frenchkiss Records, Chris Newmyer of Self-Starter Foundation, Dan Cote of Heart of a Champion and Treehouse Records, and more). It also comes with a download card redeemable for a digital download of the ENTIRE Lifter Puller discography.

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