Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tulip's "Satisfying Craps in 2010"

Masshysteri - s/t (NY VAG)
Sun City Girls - Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)
Volahn - Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico (Crepusculo Negro)
The Babies - "All Things Come to Pass" 7" (Wild World) & "Meet Me in the City" 7" (Make a Mess)
Forgetters double 7" (Too Small to Fail)
Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (Young God)
Zola Jesus - Stridulum (Sacred Bones)
Jack Rose - Luck in the Valley (Thrill Jockey)
Anti-Music in 2010 (Nerveskade, State Police, Vaaska)
Fabulous Diamonds - II (Siltbreeze)
Liars - Sisterworld (Mute) + live
The Secret - Solve Et Coagula (Southern Lord)
Captured Tracks label (Minks, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils)
Otesanek - Final (Nancy Jo)
Mississippi Records label
Sublime Frequencies record label
"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
No drinking = Tons of $ for records!

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