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Treehouse Records 10th Anniversary Party

Treehouse Records 10th Anniversary Party
Saturday, April 9
Hell's Kitchen (80 9th St S, Minneapolis)

10 PM - 2 AM
$8 at door

featuring live music by
Spider John Koerner & Tony Glover
The Blind Shake w/ special guest
Curtiss A & The Jerks of Fate
Paul Metzger

April 1, 2011 is a milestone date for Treehouse Records. It is the tenth anniversary of the day we first opened our door under the current name and under the ownership of Mark Trehus and management of Dan Cote.

If you'll allow us to toot our own horn for a minute, we are quite proud of this achievement. It is no secret that the last decade has seen a multitude of casualties in the music industry, and perhaps no part of that industry has been hit harder than retail. The emergence of digital downloading (both illegal and legal) as the dominant format for music sales has combined with the depressed economy to force several of our peers to close their doors for good. At Treehouse, our compact disc sales are a fraction of what they were in 2001. Thankfully for us, we've always been vinyl junkies. Although we retain a lean but mean CD selection, we have worked hard to continue to present the very best vinyl selection in the Twin Cities (as evidenced by City Pages’ “Best Place To Buy Vinyl” award in their 2010 “Best of the Cities” issue). The renewed interest in wax, along with the loyalty of regular customers who share our vinyl obsession, has kept us going -- even thriving at times!

So, we begin our second decade with some very special events.

On Sunday, April 3 (his birthday!), Mark will be a guest on The Local Show with David Campbell on 89.3 The Current (6-8 PM). He will be talking about 10 years of Treehouse Records, a life spent in record stores, and will be playing music from his personal record collection.

On Saturday, April 16, we will be participating in "Record Store Day" for the fourth consecutive year. Last year's Record Store Day shattered the previous year's all-time store record for sales in a day. With approximately 200 different limited edition releases available, this year's version promises to be even bigger.

But first, we celebrate!

On Saturday, April 9, Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis will be hosting a party for us and you, our friends and customers. The diverse, all-local bill features four wonderful acts who all possess strong ties to Treehouse.

"Spider" John Koerner and Tony "Little Sun" Glover are bona-fide legends. As two-thirds of seminal '60s folk-blues trio Koerner, Ray & Glover (along with the dearly missed Dave "Snaker" Ray), they, along with artists like Dave Van Ronk and Bob Dylan, blazed the trail for the 60s folk blues revival. Koerner is the man who first introduced Dylan to the 12-string guitar. He has been acknowledged as an influence by artists as diverse and iconic as John Lennon, Beck, The Doors, and Dylan himself. Glover wrote the book on blues harp (literally, as "Blues Harp" by Tony Glover was first published in 1965). Trehus’ love affair with Koerner, Ray & Glover has found him releasing and/or producing records by some or all of the trio on both of his labels (Nero’s Neptune and the long-defunct Treehouse). There is much more to come, following his acquisition of Dave Ray’s Sweet Jane archives. This is one act we HAD to have on the bill!

The Blind Shake (who will be performing with a VERY special guest), have previously collaborated with local legend Michael Yonkers on two records, including the terrific "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons," which was one of the earliest releases on our in-house record label Nero's Neptune. They have two fine albums of their own, courtesy of our friends at Learning Curve Records. The boys have been ardent supporters of Treehouse since the beginning. As we have watched them evolve into one of the finest rock bands around, we can happily say the feeling is mutual.

Curtiss A needs no introduction. He is a Twin Cities rock 'n' roll institution. For over 30 years, he's been the greatest rock and roller in the Midwest. His annual John Lennon tributes at First Avenue are legendary, and his performances with the Jerks of Fate are every bit as enthralling. Curt was one of the performers at our grand opening celebration ten years ago, and we're positively ecstatic to have him back for this party as well. Simply put, if you don’t love Curt, you probably don’t love rock and roll.

Paul Metzger first rose to prominence as the guitarist in avant-rock outfit TVBC, who had a couple albums on Treehouse Records (the label) in the early '90s. For the last several years, he has performed as a solo artist. His second vinyl album, "Four Improvisations on Modified Banjo and Guitar," was the record that inspired Treehouse owner Mark Trehus to start Nero's Neptune. He has released several albums since then, on labels such as Locust and Roaratorio, and collaborated with local jazz legend Milo Fine for last year's Nero's Neptune split LP release "Concerning the Other Condition / Spontaneous Music Generator." Paul might be playing his modified banjo, modified guitar, spontaneous music generator, or any number of other self-devised and/or reconstructed instruments. One thing is guaranteed: he is an artist possessed of a unique and brilliant singular vision, and you do not want to miss him!

In addition to the party, we will be holding a store-wide anniversary sale from Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, April 10. During those four days, all store merchandise (excluding concert tickets) will be a whopping 20% off our regular price, except for used CDs -- which are 40% off! Yes, you read that right, used CDs will be 40% off! We need to make way for our upcoming purchase of roughly 5,000 absolutely top-notch used CDs. More on that later this spring!

Hell's Kitchen - http://www.hellskitcheninc.com
"Spider" John Koerner - http://www.mwt.net/~koerner/
Tony Glover - http://www.mwt.net/~koerner/tonyglover.html
The Blind Shake - http://www.theblindshake.com/
Curtiss A - http://www.curtissa.com/
Paul Metzger - http://www.paulmetzger.net/

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