Friday, January 9, 2015

Pre-Return Clearance Sale - One Weekend Only!

We're trying something new before submitting our next vendor return.  Since we'll only get credit for our original wholesale cost anyway, why not offer it to our customers for essentially that price?

If there's enough interest, we'll try doing this before other future returns.  We do need to wrap it up in a timely manner, though.  On Monday, we will be packing up anything that goes unsold over the weekend and will ship it back to the vendor.  That means these prices are only good through closing time on Sunday, January 11!

  • Quantities are limited (in many cases there's only one in stock) and will be sold at these prices on a first-come, first-served basis.  Sorry, no holds.
  • These items are not out on the floor with the rest of the stock.  They're being kept in back for our convenience when it comes time to box up the return.  If there are any you're interested in purchasing, please give your requests to your friendly Treehouse clerk, who will be happy to fetch them.
  • Sale prices are only valid through 5 PM on Sunday, January 11.  

ArtistTitleFormatLabelSale Price
Agitation FreeFragmentsLPMIG$19.99
Agitation FreeLastLPMIG$16.99
Akbayram, Edips/tLPPharaway Sounds$18.99
Alemi, HayvanlarGuarana SuperpowerLPSublime Frequencies$13.99
Alien Ensembles/tLPAlien Transistor$13.99
AshkanIn From the ColdLPKlimt$18.99
Astor Inlands/tLPKye$12.99
Bishop, Sir RichardIntermezzoLPEditions Mego$15.99
Blue's MenProhibido Prohibir10"Electro Harmonix$13.99
Body/Gate/HeadGlare Luring YoLPFeeding Tube$14.99
Bowles, Nathan & Scott VerrastroPolar SatellitesLPMIE$17.99
Broken Hearted DragonfliesInsect Electronica From Southeast AsiaLPSublime Frequencies$13.99
Brothers UnconnectedUnrock the HouseLPUnrock$26.99
Brown, KabakaOpotopoLPSoundway$19.99
Bush Taxi MaliField Recordings From MaliLPSublime Frequencies$13.99
Cherry, DonRelativity SuiteLPKlimt$17.99
Coum TransmissionsHome Aged and the 18 Month HopeLPDais$14.99
Cut Chemist PresentsFunk OffLPStable Sound$21.99
DJ KozeAmygdalaLPPampa$14.99
Dorau, AndreasSilbernesich LPBureau$25.99
EmbryoZack GluckLPMirumir$19.99
Eno, BrianLuxCDWarp$12.99
ExMaybe I Was the Pilot7"Ex$7.99
Fall, TheLive In San FranciscoLPOzit/Dandelion$34.99
Family Atlanticas/tLPSoundway$0.00
Foole, Dredd & Ben ChasnyDrunk With InsignificanceLPFeeding Tube$11.99
Frost, FrankHey Boss ManLPDoxy$19.99
Garbage & the FlowersEyes Rind as if BeggarsLPFire$18.99
Gilson, JefThe ArchivesLPJazzman$19.99
Green PajamasSummer of LustLPMunster$17.99
Grosskopf, HaraldSynthesistLPBureau$16.99
Group DouehBeatte HarabLPSublime Frequencies$16.99
Group DouehZayna JummaLPSublime Frequencies$16.99
High Sheriffs of BlueNYC 1980LPFeeding Tube$12.99
Holley, LonnieJust Before MusicLPDust-to-Digital$17.99
Holley, LonnieKeeping a Record Of ItLPDust-to-Digital$12.99
Hot Knivess/tLPGot Kinda Lost$18.99
House of Wallenberg feat. Ari UpSunshine Taboo7"Permvac$6.99
HumanbeastVenus Ejaculates Into the BanquetLPLoad$11.99
Ironing Board SamAn Introduction10"EALZ$15.99
Jeri-Jeri800% NdaggaLPNdagga$14.99
Julius, OrlandoAnd the Afro SoundersLPVoodoo Funk$15.99
KaleidoscopeTangerine DreamLPSunbeam$16.99
Khorshid, OmarGuitar El CharkLPSublime Frequencies$21.99
Koray, ErkinMechulLPSublime Frequencies$16.99
L'orchestre Kanaga De Moptis/tLPKindred Spirits$13.99
Lo mejor de Los Salvajess/tLPVinilisssim$17.99
Lone OfficialAught Years7"Honest Jon's$15.99
Los York'sEl Viaje: 1966-1974LPMunster$18.99
Majic Ships/tLPGuerssen$18.99
Mandrake MemorialPuzzleLPWah Wah$20.99
Mawi, JimmyBlack Dialogue10"Soundway$10.99
MerkinMusic From Merkin ManorLPOut-Sider$18.99
Mission Of BurmaUnsoundCDFire$12.99
Moebius/Neumeier/Engler/Schneider TMWohlauf/WFMU Stream Test12"Bureau$7.99
Moore, Thurston/John MoloneyCaught On TapeLPFeeding Tube$11.99
Novaks KapelleNakedLPCien Fuegos$19.99
Oneohtrix Point Never/Antony/FenneszReturnal7"Editions Mego$6.99
Ono, Yoko Plastic BandTake Me to the Land of HellLPChimera$12.99
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de CotonouThe 1st Album (1973)LPAnalog Africa$15.99
Pachanga BoysWe Are Really SorryCDHippie Dance$16.99
Plotkin, James & Paal Nilssen-LoveDeath RattleLPRune Grammofon$16.99
Primitive CalculatorsI Can't Stop It7"Desire$7.99
Proud, PipPurple Boy Gang7"Em$9.99
Punk RockersLos exitos de los Sex PistolsLPNevada$12.99
RangdaLive In Krefeld10"Unrock$16.99
Raspberry BulbsDeformed WorshipLPBlackest Ever Black$15.99
Ratos De PoraoCrucificados Pelo SistemaLPBeat Generation$16.99
Red Temple SpiritsDancing to Restore an Eclipsed MoonLPMannequin$19.99
Red Temple SpiritsIf Tomorrow I Where Leaving for Lhasa...LPMannequin$0.00
Reign Ghosts/tLPOut-Sider$18.99
Reiko, IkeYou, BabyLPBamboo$16.99
Sanders, SamMirror, MirrorLPStrata$22.99
Schmidt, IrminKamasutraLPCrippled Dick Hot Wax$13.99
Shivverss/tLPSing Sing$14.99
Sign of FourHammer, Anvil & Stirrup2x10"Jazzman$14.99
Silva, Alanand the celsestrial communicationLPBYG$23.99
Simply Saucer45 EP & Flying Disc7"Logan Hardware$12.99
Souleyman, OmarHaflat Gharbia - The Western ConcertsLPSublime Frequencies$19.99
Speakersen el maravilloso de ingesonLPShadoks$33.99
StackAbove AllLPOut-Sider$18.99
Sun City GirlsFuneral MariachiCDAbduction$11.99
Sweet BreezeAdviceLPTembo$16.99
T KailSomewhere, SometimeLPOut-Sider$19.99
Taj-Mahal TravellersJuly 15, 1972LPBamboo$16.99
Tenses, TheHowardLPAudiomer$17.99
Tietchens, AsmusIn Die NachtLPBureau$15.99
TindersticksAcross Six Leap YearsLPLucky Dog/City Slang$19.99
Tortoise & The ExIn The Fishtank 5LPKonkurrent$11.99
Uwaifo, Sir Victor/Sonny OkosunBenin City Grooves12"Sofrito$10.99
V/AAfrobeat Airways 2LPAnalog Africa$19.99
V/AChoubi Choubi! Folk & Pop Sounds From Iraq Vol. 1LPSublime Frequencies$19.99
V/AChoubi Choubi! Folk & Pop Sounds From Iraq Vol. 2LPSublime Frequencies$19.99
V/AEat the Dream: Gnawa Music from EssaouriaLPSublime Frequencies$14.99
V/AEd Banger Kick Ass (Box Set)10"Because$38.99
V/AFolk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1LPSublime Frequencies$16.99
V/AJukebox Jam Vol. 2LPJazzman$18.99
V/AJukebox Jam!LPJazzman$17.99
V/AMolam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 2LPSublime Frequencies$19.99
V/AOverdose of the Holy GhostLPZ$23.99
V/APakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976LPSublime Frequencies$19.99
V/APop Yeh YehLPSublime Frequencies$20.99
V/APrincess Nicotine: Folk and Pop Sounds of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 1LPSublime Frequencies$16.99
V/ASoul Spectrum Records Vol. 1CDJazzman$11.99
V/AStaring Into the Sun: Ethiopian Tribal MusicLPSublime Frequencies$19.99
V/AToo Slow to DiscoLPHow Do You Are?$19.99
Velvet UndergroundLive at the End of Cole Ave - The Second NightCDKeyhole$16.99
Verocai, Arthurs/tLPKindred Spirits$13.99
Vescoli, ToniInformationLPGuerssen$18.99
WalkaboutsDevil's RoadLPGlitterhouse$28.99
Whore PaintSwallow My BonesLPLoad$11.99
Wizards From Kansass/tLPSunbeam$22.99
Wyatt, RobertEnd of an EarLPCherry Red$25.99
Youngs, RichardAmaranthineLPMIE$16.99
Zoumbas, AlexisA Lament For Epirus 1926-1928LPAngry Mom Archives$17.99

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The Artist said...

Man, I can't believe that many of these have been in stock so long we have to return them. Somebody grab those Jukebox Jam albums, for crying out loud!