Friday, May 19, 2017

The Great Sell-Off!

The great Treehouse Records Sell-off starts this morning! ALL LPs that were in our store and previously priced at $2-4 have been marked down to $1. Additionally, many more priced as high as $15 have been reduced, often as low as $1. We have a lot of records to clear out before 12/31/17, and we need to make room for a few thousand more coming up from our basement! The liquidation has begun, with bargain hunters on a budget being the first to benefit!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Back in 1958, the mythical William “Cat-Iron” Carradine recorded this obscure but legendary gem in his own living room with folklorist Frederic Ramsey, Jr. The original Folkways LP sells for $100 or thereabouts IF you can find one! This fine reissue from the folks at Exit Stencil Records in Cleveland, Ohio includes a reprint of the original liner notes and photos in a booklet, a gorgeous black and white cover, and translucent yellow vinyl. Carradine recorded one side’s worth of blues and another of blues-inflected gospel. Both are amazing. Twin Cities music fans will be familiar with Koerner, Ray & Glover’s adaptation of “Jimmy Bell,” Cat-Iron’s best known song because of this fact. Poorly distributed, Treehouse Records made the effort to buy two boxes directly from the label, and we are selling it for $19.99, which is $5 cheaper than the label themselves are selling it for! Buy it from the folks on 26th & Lyndale who positively LIVE for reissues like this one!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Record Store Day 2017 This Saturday!

We're really looking forward to RSD this year here at Treehouse and wanted to get a little info out about the shindig. We'll be opening up a couple of hours early at 9am. Since we're not doing any in-store performances this year, we put extra focus on ordering the widest range of releases available. It's safe to say there are a number of truly exciting things hitting the floor on Saturday. Check out our Instagram for some sneak peeks: @treehousempls

Don't forget that we're co-releasing a special Cows reissue with Amphetamine Reptile for the day.  One edition is limited to 25 copies, the other a mere 5. Thomas Hazelmyer (aka Haze XXL) from AmRep will be here when we open to sign copies.

Thanks and we'll see you Saturday!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Amphetamine Reptile and Treehouse Records team up to present Record Store Day bombshell!

For Record Store Day 2017, Amphetamine Reptile presents two Treehouse Records exclusive 30th anniversary vinyl reissues of Minneapolis noise legends Cows’ first LP, “Taint Pluribus,Taint Unum.”  Both are individually hand-printed and screened by Thomas Hazelmyer (aka Haze XXL).  One LP is released in an edition of 25 numbered copies.  The other, a special artist edition, is limited to a mere 5 copies.  Haze XXL himself will be on hand to sign these special records on RSD beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 22nd, until they’re gone.  The recent less limited mail order editions sold out in four minutes, so we expect these to go quick!

The occasion marks the first time in 30 years that this amazing album will be legally available since the original 1987 Treehouse Records release (for those too young to remember, Treehouse Records was a label that existed from 1987-1990 before it became a record shop 10 years later).  It is also the first time that Amphetamine Reptile has manufactured an exclusive “record shop only” edition of a release.  As if that weren’t enough, there will be a CD version available for a mere $5 (or absolutely free with the purchase of the LP).

Mr. Hazelmyer and Mr. Trehus are available for interviews, and welcome the opportunity to be interviewed together.  There is quite the back story to be told.

Interview requests can be handled by:

Ryan Traster -
Thomas Hazelmyer -

Friday, March 17, 2017

The new Spoon album Hot Thoughts is out today and it rules. Featuring production work from studio wizard Dave Fridmann, the band has greatly expanded their sonic palette to much success. Britt's songwriting is in fine form and is complimented by some crazy rhythms, disco grooves, lush synths, and moments of outright trippiness. We've got some indie exclusive red vinyl copies in. Highly recommended!

Some other noteworthy new releases/restocks:

Kleenex/Liliput - First Songs
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou
Crystal Fairy (featuring members of The Melvins, At The Drive-In, and Le Butcherettes)