Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DUNGEN Third Man tri-color 7" on sale January 22!

We at Treehouse are thrilled to have been chosen by Third Man Records to be the exclusive retail store vendor for the limited tri-color version of the new 7" by Dungen.

"Oga Nasa" is the title of the record. Of the 150 tri-colors pressed, we'll have a hundred of them. They won't be cheap by 7" standards ($15), but we have a sneaking suspicion you'll be able to make your money back should you ever want to part with 'em.

UPDATE: The Dungen tri-colors are gone. Sorry for those who didn't get 'em. For anyone who just wants to have the music and doesn't need the collector-nerd aspect, we will have regular black vinyl copies available this week for $4.99.


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