Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll Breakfast Vol. 8: MURZIK

Saturday, September 29
10:00 AM
While we have slowed down our once-a-month pace of the Treehouse Rock 'n' Roll Breakfast Series over a busy summer, we have not forgotten about it. And we're bringing it back in style this month with one of the town's longest running and most criminally underrated bands -- Murzik.

The haunting "dark folk" ensemble has been putting on gorgeous shows and putting out great CDs for nearly a decade now. Frontman Bryan Steenerson's voice has drawn more than a few Leonard Cohen comparisons, while the instrument
al make-up of the group (accordion, violin, drums, acoustic guitar, occasional cello and piano) has drawn comparisons to the likes of DeVotchKa. (And just as I listen to the new album "A Cat Named Murzik" and write this, a customer came up to ask me "Is this Smog or Silver Jews?") Comparisons aside, Murzik is a completely unique band in the Minneapolis music scene.

Longtime fans should delight in this opportunity to sip on free coffee and put away some donuts while watching Murzik. More importantly, we hope to help win them a few new fans.

Did we mention coffee and donuts? As always, we'll be providing coffee from Caffetto and donuts from The Donut Cooperative.

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