Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Back in 1958, the mythical William “Cat-Iron” Carradine recorded this obscure but legendary gem in his own living room with folklorist Frederic Ramsey, Jr. The original Folkways LP sells for $100 or thereabouts IF you can find one! This fine reissue from the folks at Exit Stencil Records in Cleveland, Ohio includes a reprint of the original liner notes and photos in a booklet, a gorgeous black and white cover, and translucent yellow vinyl. Carradine recorded one side’s worth of blues and another of blues-inflected gospel. Both are amazing. Twin Cities music fans will be familiar with Koerner, Ray & Glover’s adaptation of “Jimmy Bell,” Cat-Iron’s best known song because of this fact. Poorly distributed, Treehouse Records made the effort to buy two boxes directly from the label, and we are selling it for $19.99, which is $5 cheaper than the label themselves are selling it for! Buy it from the folks on 26th & Lyndale who positively LIVE for reissues like this one!

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